A Proper Office!

I’m ridiculously excited to now be working in my own home office!

k office best.jpg

I’ve spent over a year working at the kitchen table, and whilst it’s proximity to the kettle is ideal, it had become a bit of a pain. Having to clear away my ever growing pile of stuff (mainly notebooks) every evening to eat was annoying. And it felt like I was always in there, and there was no separation between work and home.

Our third bedroom was quite redundant really. We had it as a guest room but as 99% of our friends and family live within 3 miles of here it was seldom used. So one day I took the old bed apart and started planning!

I asked one of my social media clients, Missiato Design & Build, to add some electrical sockets and put in a worktop across the window wall. The room gets a lot of sun so I asked a local blinds company, ABC Blinds, to make and fit Venetian blinds. My husband was able to rescue some old boardroom chairs that were destined for the tip, which was a bit of a result! My Christmas list on Amazon then included lots of office type accessories! My husband painted the room for me and also spray painted the manky old brown filing cabinet that we had hiding in the loft, which now looks perfect!

I’m so happy with it all, I don’t even mind being in here on a Saturday!

k office desk.jpg